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I remember adoring the film "Benny & Joon" so Geekslave's anonymous summary very much caught my eye! What an interesting source of inspo for a Merlin AU, the way she's transformed the film to suit this fandom has resulted in such a unique and emotional story that I can't wait to fully enjoy from start to finish! For my art, I wanted to design a poster-like cover that portrays these four main characters... So, here's my first attempt at drawing Lance, woo! ^^ Well, I wasn't able to finish any scene illustrations - but I do plan to. My art post will be updated, so please stay tuned! (Thanks again to the lovely mods for handling another fantastic fest!)

Masterpost: TBA
Fic(w/art) on AO3: TBA
Art on AO3: TBA
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(*My comments are below the artwork! Please don't post my pieces elsewhere, or share without my permission.)

So I don't usually prematch with writers because choosing from the anon summaries is rather a highlight for me... BUT the description Ivalee presented totally WOOED me! Like - a choose-your-own-adventure fic? GIMME!! Ahh… I'm so glad we paired up! It was a treat to work with her - the abundance of wonderful material I was given very early on meant I couldn't restrict myself from going beyond what I'd typically produce. Although, even with several pieces I feel like I haven't done enough, ha! There's just so much going on in this story that it was hard to settle on what to draw! Well, nonetheless, I'm pretty happy with what I finished. I challenged myself to do detailed backgrounds, use more colour, and also to draw some characters other than Merlin and Arthur… though I still gave these boys the majority of screen-time, lol… I hope readers enjoy my artwork along the way of Ivalee’s fantastic story! Please share your thoughts with us! ^^

And, of course, cheers to the mods of AfterCamlann (and Camladerie). They deserve a prolonged standing ovation! It’s really all thanks to them that this Big Bang is such an experience to look forward to year after year… So much credit to this fest for keeping our lovely and creative fandom going for so long!
<3 Whimsycatcher
Masterpost: http://aftercamlann.livejournal.com/38161.html

Link to fic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4752464/chapters/10864961
On AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4751963
Art on tumblr: TBA

Summary: Merlin is an ancient warlock with trust issues and a shapeshifting problem. Arthur is an ex-king who sometimes turns into a bird and isn’t especially happy about it. Mordred is a teenage runaway hoping for some magic lessons--and oh, yeah, he may or may not have tried to kill them both in a past life. Well, isn’t this awkward. Also known as “the sorta-Ladyhawke AU”, wherein there are curses, reincarnations and lots of Post-It notes.

I was so excited to create art for this story! The summary I claimed hinted at an intriguing modern/mystical premise, and I was not disappointed by my partner! From the drafts I got to read, it was very hard to choose from all the emotional and beautifully written scenes - hence why I've drawn several pieces instead of my usual three! I even had more planned if time allowed, haha... My first idea had been to just design a title page, but I decided that wouldn't do this story justice. It's a rougher style (definitely rushed in some parts) and I've done without colour... plus I probably need more practice drawing the dear Asa Butterfield, but I'm pretty happy with how each piece turned out! And the round frames were fun to work with! ^^ Well, I hope everyone enjoys my art, and that it encourages you to read and review the wonderful inspiration! PLEASE DO!

Thanks for being such a fantastic partner to work with, emanga! <3

(Pssttt... I might add a couple more pieces in the future, so stay tuned...)

Big Bang Art for "PLAN B"

Masterpost (with link to fic): http://aftercamlann.livejournal.com/21430.html

After reading reverie_indigo's incredible fic, A Lantern in the Dark, I was ecstatic to find out that a sequel was in the works for this year's Big Bang. And I was so delighted to have gotten the opportunity to create illustrations to accompany it! ^_^

I didn't have as much time as I'd have liked to refine them (despite having 'til the LAST day of the posting schedule, hahaha...), but I'm still happy to share these pieces. I may even illustrate some more in the future - the writing is seriously that inspiring!

All my digital painting was done with Paint Tool SAI, but I should add that the architecture in the second piece is from an edited photo, because... I just can't with architecture... >_>' Well thank you for taking a look, and please read the fic as well! Hope you enjoy!

***Tumblr art post: TO BE ADDED (Please don't post my work!)


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The Big Bang lives on in the Merlin fandom, and I am delighted to participate again! Unfortunately, real life has been unexpectedly hectic, so I’m sorry to have just ONE piece to show – for now! I plan to finish three more pieces for this story by i_amtheoutlaw, who has been a fantastic partner, and whose writing is thrilling in so many ways. Thank you for being both so appreciative and understanding! <3

Well this story is loosely based on the premise of The Hangover, so I took inspiration from the movie’s unique end credits sequence - in which photos reveal what the characters were too drunk to remember! Similarly, Merlin and Arthur are drugged by berries which make them forget the supernatural shenanigans they went through the night before... I thought I should draw out the more interesting bits they’d forgotten - such as getting their arses tattooed! ^^


Art & Fic


(This was me arguing with myself.)

Oh, let’s make his eyes gold!
This screenshot is from Parked, though!
He wore similar clothes as modern Merlin.
Then he should be old, shouldn’t he?
But, when Arthur returns…
You want them to have sexy times?
… Yes.
So you’ll change canon for that?
No, I can make canon work.
How? Wait, let me guess… Magic?
How about I write a fic?
I don’t think you have time for that.
Shhh… It’ll be a short one…

(So I basically wrote a fic to excuse the golden eyes. As well, I thought it might be something I could to share on LJ.)


It was just before dawn when Merlin decided to make his daily trek through the city, so that he may look out at the Lake of Avalon. There was a time when he would gaze with hope across the water, wondering when Arthur would return. Now, he felt more like he had when visiting his friends’ graves. The tower on the hill was no more than a crumbling tombstone.

Merlin was about to cross another quiet street when, unbidden, his magic flared within him. The unique surge of heat in his eyes still felt familiar, though it had been nearly half a century since he last cast a spell. He’d grown tired of being someone that society believed impossible, and he began even to question his own existence. Resolute, he had decided to forgo using his powers, for what use was a warlock to a world like this?

After sensing what sort of spell was seemingly subconsciously taking effect, he looked quickly to the building on his left. His lips parted with a gasp. Upon the tall panes of glass, gazing back with golden eyes, was his reflection… but it was a reflection from long, long ago. Gone were his wrinkles and silver beard. His newly coal-black hair was stark against his suddenly smooth and pale skin.

Merlin hadn’t looked this young since… since the years that followed the Battle of Camlann. During that time, he had come to fully realize his immortality and what it entailed. It wasn’t just that he couldn’t die. He couldn’t grow­ old, either. It was as if he had stopped aging the moment Camelot lost their King.

Others had started to notice how Merlin wasn’t maturing like most men around his age, and he was horrified to imagine how he would look among his surviving friends in the future. After pleading to Gaius for help, they succeeded in formulating a concoction that would allow his physical body to naturally progress like a mortal’s. It was, of course, just an illusion…

There was nothing Merlin could do when, one by one, his friends were torn away like fragile petals from the enduring stem of his being. Oh, how he longed to join them in those unseen gales…

Merlin would often think about what Arthur had said to him on that tragic day. “I don’t want you to change… I want you to always be you”. Perhaps Arthur had possessed some magic of his own. Perhaps this eternal youth was some sort of curse, to punish him for breaking his sworn promise to Arthur, “I will protect you or die by your side”. Death, the only thing that might relieve Merlin of his guilt, was denied to him for failing his destiny.

Destiny… When he had last spoke with Kilgharrah, the Great Dragon had said that Arthur’s destiny, as the Once and Future King, was to rise again. Merlin wished with all his heart for this but he believed, maybe, that Arthur had failed his destiny as well. It had been well over a thousand years…

Through these forlorn thoughts, another distant memory passed unto Merlin’s mind as he observed himself. He remembered how, in the moment just before drinking his progressive aging potion, he had modified it with a spell. It had rendered it impossible to revert the physical effects with another spell or potion.

So he had grown old, and then remained, for all this time, looking as worn and withered as he felt within. Merlin would not be allowed to reveal his true, ageless self. Not until… Not until Arthur was in the world to witness it.

Merlin ran the rest of the way to the Lake of Avalon.


(Thanks for reading! I don’t really write a lot, so any thoughts would be lovely!)


Hello dears! I'm in need of a favour... I'll be participating in the "Merlin Art Fest" again (and I hope many of you will be too!) but, unfortunately, I'll be stuck on a plane when the prompt-claiming post opens (1:30 pm CST/ 7:30 pm GMT, Saturday)... I'm hoping that someone can spare some time to help me claim something by proxy? I'll be so, so grateful! If you also plan on participating as an artist, I suppose it would be awkward if we wanted to claim the same post(s) so I'll go ahead and list my top choices for your consideration...
My first claim would be for prompt #35 (the genie drabble)
Second for prompt #10 (the hospital scene excerpt)
I'm willing to claim BOTH the above prompts! It seems like we can only claim one at a time (from the current instructions) so you might have to help me make multiple posts... Oh, sorry to make this more complicated, but if the mods let you know that I can't have #35, or if I'm too late for either of them, then can you please try and claim prompt #21 (gypsy circus theme) for me? If I can't draw genie!Merlin, I'm certainly up for gypsy!Merlin! <3
My wifi is pretty limited, both on my phone plan and in this hotel (it's agonizing), but I plan to check back in a bit so I can pick someone (assuming anyone has responded) to help me out - but hugs and kisses to everyone who offers! XOXO
~ Whimsycatcher

Paper Legends Art

Artist's Notes: Hello! So here are my three illustrations for paperlegends, the Merlin Big Bang Challenge!
I drew these for the lovely fic by seravia, who has been very sweet to work with! Many thanks to her,
and also to
the_muppet for the immense hard work she has put into organizing this all! <3 <3 <3

The fic is called, "Enough to Feel Your Breath on Mine". Read HERE. Masterpost HERE.

If you've seen most of my other work, you might have noticed that I do a lot of different things in terms of style...
Well I've experimented again! I put together a bunch of line-work, gray tones, and graininess into a more
"graphic novel" sort of look. I'm not used to drawing the boys quite like this, nor to drawing a lot of backgrounds,
but I think I'm happy with how things turned out! It was
definitely fun to draw them in modern clothes... oh, wait!
I should say that it was fun to draw Merlin in modern clothes, and Arthur in pretty much nothing! XD

This has been my first time participating in this challenge, and I am so glad to have done so,
especially in its final year...
It's fantastic to see how alive and amazing the fandom continues to be!
We certainly are thriving through our creativity! ^^

Characters/pairings: Arthur/Merlin (I'm sorry I didn't even try to draw anyone else, gahh!)
Ratings for art: The 3rd piece might be near a PG-13, but the first two are definitely G...
Warnings for art: None!
Medium: Digital (Paint Tool SAI)

PLEASE don't post these illustrations without my permission!
I'll be putting them up on my tumblr very soon. Check my art tag.



Thank you for looking! ^^ Comments are adored!